Somewhere behind the athlete you’ve become and the hours of practice and the coaches who have pushed you is a little girl who fell in love with the game and never looked back… play for her.
— Mia Hamm

Polaris has two open coaching positions for this upcoming club season. Please inquire for more information.


Pre-tryout Middle School aged Clinics

Detailed instruction, all-skills clinics with Polaris Master Coaches                                                           

Date: Saturdays, October 22nd, 29th                                                                                                            

Time: 4pm-7pm                                                                                                                                                             Location: Bay Club Redwood Shores  

$50 per session


13's/14's Power Open Gym Coach Shaun

15's/16's Power Open Gym Coach Jenn

17's/18's Power Open Gym Coaches Alicja & Mike                                                                                           


13's/14's Open Gym Coaches Shaun & Gilbert

15's/16's Open Gym Coach Jenn

Polaris tryouts

Date: Sat Nov 5th

Location: Red Morton Community Center, Redwood City

11/12 Premier/Power: 9AM - 11AM

13/14 Premier/Power: 9AM -11AM

15/16 Power: 12PM - 2PM

17/18 Power: 12PM - 2PM

Date: Sun Nov 6th

Location: Carlmont High School, Stogner Gym, Belmont

17/18 Power: 10AM - 12PM

11/12 Premier/Power: 12PM - 2PM

15/16 Power: 2PM - 4PM

13/14 Premier/Power: 4PM - 6PM

Legendary former player and current Women's National Team coach, Karch Kiraly talks about youth volleyball becoming more structured these days and decline of playing to have fun and improve skills.

Structure in Youth Volleyball


Discussion about the lack of unstructured play in sports for kids these days. Karch also shares that parents should be supportive, but let the coaches coach and let kids take more ownership over the sport they play.

Unstructure in Play
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